Learn how to identify your core values, discover your positive traits, define your goals and put your plan into action TODAY with the exercises in our GOAL POWER book!


The Art of GOAL-GETTING begins with YOU.

Use the lessons you learn in GOAL POWER: LIVE A LIFE (EM)POWERED BY GOALS prompt book to take your life and career to the next level!

Through critical core value identification, visualization exercises, and forward-mapping goals this collection of tools compiled by award-winning Attorney & Serial Entrepreneur Estrellita S. Sibila, JD, LL.M have been developed to help fine-tune a vision for success and create a road map to get there.


  • Identify Your Core Values
  • Discover Your Positive Traits
  • Define Your Goals
  • Sketch Your Mood
  • Visualize Your Perfect Day
  • Put Your Plan Into Action
  • Commit, Prioritize & Execute

A perfect gift for anyone looking to level-up in life, a mentee, or an associate that needs a little exercise in inspiration and perfect for a hallmark moment such as a birthday, graduation, wedding, new hire, promotion or even retirement.

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