1L, 2L, 3L, BAR! Wherever you are on your journey towards becoming a full-fledged attorney, show the world you are knee-deep in case law and ready to argue with your very own “FUTURE ESQ.” hat. Also makes a great and easy gift for that friend who won’t shut up about law school! Send a gift! You may be asking for free legal advice one day (very soon. for sure!) and you want to build up goodwill before their hourly rate skyrockets!

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We know lawyers wear many different hats! Pick one — or a few! — of our 100% PREMIUM COTTON + CUSTOM INK BLEND caps that will help you express yourself in and out of the courtroom!


  • Choose from scores of witty one-liners, plays on words, legalese and other forms of lawyer-speak and legal jargon.
  • Perfect for casual Friday, barbecues, gatherings, the beach, pool, sporting events, golfing, working out, running errands and everyday use.
  • Pair with a light jacket, sports coat or button-up to create a more signature style.
  • One size fits all. All wearers welcome!

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