You study, you practice, you read, you brief, you argue. Mastering the law seems almost impossible as it is ever-evolving but every now and again there is that guru with the photographic memory that can recall each case by style name and year of decision. Bow down to the “MASTER OF LAW” and recognize the greatness.

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We know lawyers wear many different hats! Pick one — or a few! — of our 100% PREMIUM COTTON + CUSTOM INK BLEND caps that will help you express yourself in and out of the courtroom!


  • Choose from scores of witty one-liners, plays on words, legalese and other forms of lawyer-speak and legal jargon.
  • Perfect for casual Friday, barbecues, gatherings, the beach, pool, sporting events, golfing, working out, running errands and everyday use.
  • Pair with a light jacket, sports coat or button-up to create a more signature style.
  • One size fits all. All wearers welcome!

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